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Helo, I’m Denes Papp!
I am a freelancer full stack web application developer with 9 years of experience in web development. My favorite frameworks are Symfony (backend) and Angular (frontend) but I also use Ruby on Rails and Django. I'm building fast, interactive and scalable web applications using REST APIs, strong design patterns and PAAS providers (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure). I mainly work for US based companies who find and hire me, but I have experience working with corporations from the EU too. I love travelling, already visited 25 countries and the list is constantly growing. In my free time I do Krav maga, Crossfit and running. Feel free to contact me :)

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Denes Papp
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9 years in web development


English fluent
Hungarian native
German begginer

professional skills

other professional skills

  • Amazon Web Services Amazon Web Services
  • ElasticSearch ElasticSearch
  • Artificial Intelligence computer vision and speech recognition, image recognition, face recognition, text to speech, voice to text, natural sounding voice, machine learning, intelligent search engines, chatbots, text emotion detection, vision and speech recognition, natural language understanding, speech controlled apps, user personality insights, anomaly detection, fraud detection, content personalization, text classification, recommendation engines, object detection on images, auto content/image moderation, creating AI voice assistants (like Google now or Alexa or Siri)
  • Ruby on Rails Ruby on Rails
  • Django (Python) Django (Python)
  • Typescript Typescript
  • ES6 / ES2015 ES6
  • GitHub GitHub
  • Databases Databases
  • Apache Apache

work experience

2016 - 2017

Full Stack Developer - Seequers

Seequers is a social platform, bringing people, information, and personal experiences together across a global health, wellness and self care community. This project included a lot of Facebook-like features like timelines, push notifications, friendships, liking, sharing, instant messaging, communities, commenting system, subscriptions, reviews, open/closed groups and many more. Seequers also features an intelligent personalized recommendation engine powered by ElasticSearch. This was a big project which required hundreds of thousands of lines of code on top of the frameworks and integrations with 3rd party tools and services.


  • Symfony Symfony
  • Angular Angular
  • Backbone.js Backbone.js
  • Amazon Web Services Amazon Web Services
  • ElasticSearch ElasticSearch
2014 - 2016

Full Stack Developer - MoocNation

MoocNation was a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) aggregator platform with thousands of online courses and a social platform for students to collaborate and share study materials. The project was designed as a singlepage-application where the frontend has most of the application logic (including templating, routing, etc.) and only uses the backend server through a RESTful API. The MoocNation project involved dozens of important 3rd party tools and API integrations.


  • Symfony Symfony
  • Backbone.js Backbone.js
  • Amazon Web Services Amazon Web Services
  • ElasticSearch ElasticSearch

Backbone Developer - Web Effects

Web Effects LLC

I worked with Backbone.js on external projects from the US through Web Effects LLC


  • Backbone.js Backbone.js
2011 - 2013

Full Stack Developer - Web2points

Web2points is an online Customer Loyalty System used in Hungarian stores. Stores can create loyalty cards for their customers with QR code, NFC and RFIC technologies. Customers can access custom discounts, track their points and their exclusively accessible coupons. Customers can even use their mobiles as the loyalty card in the stores.


  • Symfony Symfony
  • Backbone.js Backbone.js


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